Program NodeMCU ESP8266 1

Program NodeMCU ESP8266 with Arduino IDE in 5 easy steps

As we know, NodeMCU is an open-source IoT platform for to Lua based firmware developed for ESP8266 and ESP8266 is WiFi SoC (System on Chip) developed by Espressif Systems. Usually NodeMCU comes with inbuilt Lua interpreter, but preferred way is to program NodeMCU ESP8266 with Arduino IDE. NodeMCU is one of the most widely used development. What is NodeMCU? As discussed Continue Reading

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Interface GT511C3 with NodeMCU Final

Interface fingerprint scanner (GT511C3) with NodeMCU

The fingerprint scanner is one of the essential components in the security system. By adding a fingerprint scanner in your project, can elevate the project to the next level. Previously, a very less amount of modules were available for capturing the fingerprint. Nowadays, different modules of fingerprint scanners are available. In this tutorial, I will Continue Reading

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