About Us

Hey there! Glad to know that, you want to know more about us. If I want to introduce IoT for Geeks in short, then I will say-
“IoT for Geeks is an educational blog that includes articles related to the Internet of Things (From a hardware perspective) and Electronics. News related to the new development board, information on development boards for newbies. Tutorials for hardware setup, Troubleshoot guide, and many more!”

Want to know in deep? Here it goes
I am Abhishek Patil, creator, and Author of IoT for Geeks. You will find most of the articles on this blog are written by me. This journey starts from my college days. It was my early engineering time when I just started to deal with different projects and Electronics components. I always wondered how we could connect small hardware circuits to the Internet. Our projects and work in electronics went deeper as time passes. During the journey, I found that not everything is available on the Internet. For some simple things, I need to research for nights! So I decided to make notes of all of them and started writing the things. Meanwhile, I came across the concept of blogging, SEO, Keywords analysis, and many more related to blogging. This deepened my interest in blogging. So this is my small step for that. I tried to make some complex things simple and clearer.

Through IoT for Geeks, I want to deliver knowledge related to the Internet of Things from a Hardware perspective. To develop any IoT application, there is one unit which is a must, that is Sensing and Processing unit. Here we will discuss more on that.

Usually, I do post a month. I am giving my best to increase that frequency. In the coming time, I will try to post at least a post per week. I value the quality of content over the quantity, which makes me late sometimes.

That’s all about Us, for any queries, feel free to contact us!